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Technology moves fast, AI tech moves even faster. Whether you want to add conversational (interpreting user messages and responding accordingly via voice or chat) or vision capabilities (recognising people, object and text in images, documents and video) - we will find you a right-sized solution that grows as you grow.


Build the team

A good developer can be 5x more productive than average developers - a great one up to 10x more effective. We help you getting these critical early hires right. We also set up your development management to make sure you can release often and safely - allowing you to adapt to new ideas and insights.


Pitch support

Investors judge start-ups by the team behind it - it's what creates trust and confidence. Our Virtual CTO participates in pitches, lending credibility and answering in-depth questions around the technology. Additionally, we work with New Zealand's #1 Pitch Coach and can take the stress out of preparing for a pitch.

Show, don't tell

We believe that actions speak louder than words. It's one thing talking about all the opportunities that AI can open up. It's another thing using AI live on stage in front of big audiences - like shown here at the AI Day 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand.

We back up our expertise with real-life working examples to not only showcase the technology, but put it into a context that allows the audience to start thinking about realistic and feasible opportunities in their own domains.

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