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Test Ideas Fast

Step 1. Hypothesis
We help you to clearly define your idea. In a workshop we crystalise a hypothesis about the problem you solve, who you solve it for and how you will solve it. We will also discuss discovery and onboarding, dependencies and timing.
Step 2. Prototype
Once a hypothesis is defined we will create a prototype - just good enough to credibly test the hypothesis. The goal in this step is to bring your idea to life and make it interactive enough to gather feedback and evidence to support a decision.
Step 3. Feedback
The last step in this process is to collect feedback from a representative sample of your target audience. While daunting it is imperative to listen closely, adopt if necessary and factor the learnings into a final decision about moving forward.

Carpark Finder in 4 days

From a basic idea around a carpark finder we helped formulate the hypothesis that finding carparks is a growing problem in cities. We identified that drivers and councils would benefit from a solution, and that AI could solve this problem by analyzing CCTV footage.

Four days later we had a protoype up and running that used old phones to take images every few seconds and an AI model that could identify empty parking bays.

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