Real-time occupancy at your fingertip

Customers captured by your security cameras at each entrance are automatically detected and tracked by our AI software. The current occupancy is instantly determined depending on if the detected customers are entering or exiting your venue, and displayed on our dashboard.

Current occupancy

See with one glance the total number of patrons on premise, and how close you are to your licensed limit.

Visitor count

Get insight into the total number of customers visiting your venue, broken down by day, hour and even minute

mobile app


Manage Occupancy

Up-to-date information about your current occupancy plus historic attendance visible 24/7. Records of minute-by-minute occupancy assures that you comply with safety regulations, particularly during COVID-19.

Easy and Secure

Zero installation

Our software works with your existing surveillance cameras and does not require you to install sensors or run new cables in your venue.

Video footage never leaves your secure network.


Open API

Use our dashboards and mobile app - or integrate the count and movement events into your own systems to enrich your existing analytics platform.

How it works

Our AI software is taking RTSP feeds from your surveillance cameras in real-time and parses them to detect people.

During set-up the entrance area is marked up for each camera angle (indicated by the purple lines in the video on the right).

Every person detected is then tracked throughout the camera picture to determine if they are entering, leaving or just passing by. Each time a person enters or leaves an event is recorded by our software.

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