We make AI accessible and affordable for businesses around the world

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming the most important transformational technology since Electricity, powering nearly everything without most of us even noticing. But while start-ups are indisputably the engine of innovation and small businesses the backbone of the economy, AI so far has been predominantly the domain of large tech companies and multi-nationals.

This is changing now. We are on a mission to support businesses of all size on their journey of AI adoption and help them unleashing the potential for productivity boosts and product features.

How Can AI help you?

Artificial Intelligence can free you and your team from mundane but necessary tasks - and allows you to focus on growing and running your business.

How Can We help you?

Virtual CTO

Add Expertise

Artificial Intelligence is a fast-moving field. Our Virtual CTO service allows you to add an experienced senior advisor to your team with a specific focus on finding the right tools and technologies to fit your ambitions.

Proof of Concepts

Move fast

You have ideas but you are unsure how feasible/expensive they are? Our Rapid Experiment process is designed to help: We run two-week AI sprints bringing your concept to life. Evaluate the outcome and move forward with confidence.

Digital Employees

Put AI to work

Add AI agents to your team, manning your phone lines and responding on chat channels, scanning your paperwork and automate business processes, or give you recommendations for your next steps.

We're in the Age of AI

In a few years AI will be as ubiquitous as electricity, powering nearly everything - without us even noticing. And if you look at electricity purely as a technology, it is about AC and DC and transformers and network grids - but it's impact has been giving us everything from light at night to the internet to space travel, and with that has fundamentally changed how we live our lives.

The rate of AI adoption is currently sky-rocketing! What was reserved for the big tech companies of the world a few years ago, commanding multi million, if not billion, dollar investments is suddenly going mainstream in pretty much every industry, at a much lower cost.

Our mission is it to bring the power of AI to start-ups and small businesses.

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